<font color="black"><font size="10">Military Excellence. <br>Success After Service.</font>

Military Excellence.
Success After Service.

Suit Soldier transforms a military mindset into business success. As a leading voice for the military community today, Suit Soldier helps veterans understand how to translate their military experiences into relevant skills in order to help them achieve their full potential after service.


✓ Produces a framework to increase organizational success and goal-achieving results.

✓ Host of a premiere podcast interviewing high-achieving businesspeople

✓ First-hand perspective on making the shift from military to business

✓ Actionable tips and tricks on translating experiences

✓ Relevant guidance on navigating change

✓ Relatable, thoughtful and intuitive talks

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We're On Air!

We're On Air!

New guests every Monday share stories to inspire, motivate and educate the veteran community. Tune in today for lessons on transition and tips on translating military excellence into success after service.

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What Are People Saying?

  • Chris knows how to bring out the most valuable and actionable information from his interviews for his listeners. The Suit Soldier podcast is not just another talk show… it has a mission to make the lives of veterans better by showing them that anything is possible after the military. Chris takes the meaning of the word ‘duty’ to a whole new level by helping veterans win and succeed. America needs that. I can’t thank you enough for having me on your show!

    Active Duty Passive Income
  • Military Excellence. Success After Service. That’s Christopher Coker at his best. I had a recent opportunity to get to know Christopher and want to shine a light on the great work he is doing at Suit Solder. I want to encourage you to check out the site, listen to a Suit Soldier podcast and/or engage him for a speaking opportunity. Chris Coker is a prior-service Army Officer and Airborne Ranger that understands the struggles that a veteran goes through when exiting the military. Suit Soldier educates business and military communities on how to integrate veterans into business after service.

    Road Warrior Foundation
  • Chris inspires others to be at their very best. He’s exceptional at leveraging potential and turning it towards the desired outcome. Chris creates charismatic leaders, game-changers, and difference-makers. Developing others to lead successful teams with a high-level of EQ, Chris produces a framework and methodology that produces both organizational success and goal-achieving results. He’s able to break down the message behind your purpose, and help you put wheels in motion to drive you to success. Chris is authentically inspirational and a resourceful voice for the veteran community.

    American Talent Partners
  • Chris is a great listener and helped me to gain clarity on what direction I wanted to head in my career. He is a proven Leader and has a great desire to help others along his path of success. He believes in the power of a vision and I highly encourage all transitioning Veterans to pick his brain!

    Stephen Lutter
  • Chris was easy to talk to, which was great because this was my first time speaking to a mentor. He is a wealth of knowledge and insight into the job market. All my questions were answered easily. He also gave me insight into networking and branding. I recommend Chris to anyone.

    Troy McLamb
  • My hour with Christopher about his experience and advice was worth its weight in gold. I asked questions not only on the career path side, but also on the business consulting side and he had extremely practical actionable advice that I think will really help me continue to grow my consulting firm. He actually helped ignite a fire in me that had sort of gone out over the past year or so. I am absolutely going to take action on his advice tomorrow morning and I am excited to see what happens next!

    Kalen Marie
  • Thank you so much for making my first time mentoring so comfortable! Chris, you have a wealth of knowledge & experience and I appreciate the many tips & ideas you shared to help me through this next season of life! I’m looking forward to talking with you again soon!

    Susan McCain
  • Christopher took the time to listen to my story and challenged and encouraged me toward pursuing my vision. He provided incredible insight and I believe with the Suit Soldier Podcast he will quickly become the premier voice for the Veterans in the professional transition process, helping bridge the gap between employers and the highly skilled veterans looking to find their professional purpose after military service. I cannot recommend him enough, a man of true character who is humble and really cares about helping others.

    Luke Flowers
  • Chris was highly effective and engaging in his keynote address at our “Vetworking” event, speaking to student veterans at Rochester Institute of Technology. He was passionate, motivating, and spoke from firsthand experience about ways our veterans and military personnel can launch their careers and be more successful, both professionally and personally. The feedback from our students was nothing but positive. I would highly recommend Chris as a speaker to keep spreading his message.

    Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Thank you Christopher, for the insight provided during our call! It’s never too early to get perspective from a former JMO who successfully navigated the road to transition, and understands your perspective. With concrete guidance and recommendations, Christopher shines a different light on the actionables to effectively leaving the military service.

    Enrique Caceda