Featured, January 28, 2019

Going deep to help us understand the Order of Man.


Chris goes deep with Ryan Michler. Ryan gives the unfiltered story of his time in the military and the toll deployment takes on a family. We walk through his journey to the creation of the Order of Man, a wildly successful podcast with over 1,000,000 downloads per month and an online community teaching men how to be better.

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  • Hector Rodriquez · February 15, 2019

    Former Army 37F (PSYOP) 1999 – 2007. Great Podcast – I can’t agree more with the information shared on this podcast -Pure gold!!! The structure, purpose and sense of mission that many vets are accustomed to in the military definitely gets lost in translation as a civilian. I have found that is crucial to plan S.M.A.R.T Goals during any transition. But it’s also important to be optimistic, adaptable , consistent and persistent in order to reach those defined goals. My own transition led me down many roads but I have been very fortunate and grateful for the lessons learned and modest success I have attained. While these experiences have allowed me to grow my corporate career, start a successful consulting business, help create a stable home life for my family and grant my children the opportunity to attend private school and college, I am not fulfilled in the least bit and strive to reinvent myself to be better in all areas of my life.

    To your success,

    • Suit Soldier · February 20, 2019

      Great hearing from you, Hector! Glad to see that the episodes resonate with you. I have a term for what you’re talking about…”positively discontent”. Like you, I am happy with the things I’ve been able to accomplish in my life, but I am not done yet! Striving to reinvent ourselves constantly is critical to grow our success. Contentment can sometimes lead to comfort. And getting too comfortable can lead to complacency. And if things haven’t changed in the military…as we all know…complacency can kill!

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